East Coast vs. West Coast: Which Foods Win?

East Coast vs. West Coast: Which Foods Win?
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East Coast vs. West Coast: Which Foods Win?

Read on for the biggest food rivalries between the coasts.


New York could alternatively have been called "the Big Pizza" instead of the Big Apple. One dollar slices are nearly as ubiquitous as yellow cabs and it's easy to find numerous pizza joints all over the city, not to mention in the iconic neighborhood of Little Italy.

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Yes, the East Coast has some excellent sushi, but we think the West Coast wins this one. Legend has it, California even invented the California Roll!

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New York bagels always win. Many people accredit the taste of a New York bagel to the New York City tap water because it's softer than the tap in other cities. However, according to Slate, it actually has to do with the "poaching" of the bagels while they are made. New York bagels are often dropped in simmering water before being baked, which creates a chewier texture and even changes the flavor.

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According to Los Angeles Magazine, the "best tacos in America" superlative isn't even up for debate. L.A. has numerous taco joints and even taco trucks to choose from.

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Food Trucks

Since the 1930s, food trucks have been a part of California's culinary culture. The modern movement essentially began with Roy Choi's Kogi BBQ Truck. New York has excellent food trucks as well, but they're not as integral to the city's history.

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New York is also home of the cheesecake. Between iconic joints like Junior's and Carnegie Deli, New York is where you want to be for an epic slice of cheesecake.

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California wine is pretty legendary. Sorry, New York! California produces about 90 percent of all the wine in the United States.

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In need of a hearty sandwich? Great pastrami sandwiches can be found all over the city, including at Katz's Deli. In fact, New York may have Los Angeles beat on the deli front entirely.

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East Coast and West Coast are headed for a tie when it comes to this tasty treat. Good thing too, now everyone can enjoy a doughnut. New York may have the Cronut, but Los Angeles now has the Wownut for a perfectly matched race.

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New York's iconic Little Italy is included in beloved many films like The Godfather 2. While it's undergone many changes since its hey day, New York is still where you should get your Italian fix, in Little Italy and all around the city.

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The rivalry is legendary. Biggie versus Tupac; Dodgers versus Yankees; Los Angeles versus New York; East Coast versus West Coast. With the Stanley Cup Finals between the Los Angeles Kings and the New York Rangers bringing the rivalry to the spotlight, we decided to dive a little deeper into the culinary rivalry between the two coasts.

Check out the slideshow above for a breakdown of the food rivalry between the coasts.

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