Dunkin' Donuts Debuts Coffee-Flavored Granola Bar

Dunkin' Donuts Debuts Coffee-Flavored Granola Bar

Dunkin' Donuts is known for its doughnuts and coffee. That's why it was a special day when Dunkin' Donuts combined its two famed items into coffee-flavored donuts. But the coffee chain isn't done coming up with new products. Now, Dunkin' Donuts is going the extra mile for its coffee fans and its busy customers by creating a new snack to meet many needs. The new Dunkin' Go Bar is a pre-packaged granola bar filled with the chain's Original Blend Coffee. It seems like the ideal snack combination for coffee and granola fans and people constantly on-the-go.

The bars contain seven grams of protein, 12 grams of whole grains, eight B-vitamins and the distinct flavor of Dunkin' Donuts coffee. With only 220 calories, the Dunkin' Go Bar is the perfect snack for those busy folks looking for a sweet morning treat or afternoon snack. The bars will be available at participating stores starting on September 29th to coincide with International Coffee Day. Since Dunkin' doesn't want its customers to feel embarrassed by coffee breath, the chain has also teamed up with Wrigley Foodservice to make Orbit gum and Altoids available at participating locations. This partnership will go into effect on October 1.

Dunkin' definitely hasn't forgotten its fans of fall either. It's added pumpkin flavorings to its coffee and donuts! The chain is offering Pumpkin Crème Brulee Coffee and Lattes, Pumpkin Pie Donuts, Pumpkin Donuts and Donut Hole Treats this season.

check out the slideshow below to learn more about the pumpkin items Dunkin' added to its lineup for fall!

Image Credit: Dunkin' Donuts