Is the Drinking Age Being Raised to 25?

The drinking age is not being raised to 25. Let us repeat that. The legal drinking age is not being raised to age 25. A silly prank recently swept the Internet causing people to believe a controversial law would be taking effect soon.

What is the Legal Drinking Age Hoax?

The hoax site, Sunday Times Daily recently reported that the legal drinking age in the United States would change to 25 and this new law would take effect on August 2, 2014. As you can imagine, this caused quite an uproar on social media. The website has now removed the original headline and instead shows an amusing GIF of Leonardo DiCaprio toasting with wine from The Great Gatsby. A clarifying headline further explains that the original headline was a joke.

How Did The Legal Drinking Age Hoax Start?

The fake alarming news made the rounds on Twitter, scaring many people. Don't feel bad if you were fooled. According to the Washington Post, the hoax headline was viewed 5.6 million times, no doubt concerning many of its readers. The Sunday Times even has a number on the page showing which number visitor you are. Don't forget, the legal drinking age in the United States is still 21. It's a shame they didn't save this silly prank for April Fool's Day.

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