Don't Throw It Out Yet! When Does Food Really Expire?

Sell-By dates—just how important are they? Are they the same as expiration dates?

Many people toss food when the Sell-By date has passed, but could you be wasting perfectly good food? Experts say Americans waste millions of dollars every year because they throw away food too early. Knowing the truth behind the meaning of Sell-By dates could save you plenty of cash.

Many people mistake the Sell-By date for the expiration date, but in reality the Sell-By date is not really meant for the consumer but rather the for the store to know how long to display food for freshness. In fact, with the exception of baby formula, there are no official federal expiration dates for food. And it's a costly mistake; tossing food too early amounts to a loss of about $1,500 per household!

Find out how long common foods can last past their Sell-By dates, from the trick to knowing when milk is expired to the reason why you should buy eggs in bulk. Learn the trick to storing bread so that it lasts many months past the Sell-By date. However, there's one grocery item you actually need to pay attention to the Sell-By date or you'll risk serious health consequences.

Watch the video above to discover the truth behind the meaning of Sell-By dates and why you shouldn't throw away that food just yet.

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