Diner Banned from Restaurant for Sending Back Too Many Meals

Diner Banned from Restaurant for Sending Back Too Many Meals

Is the customer always right?

The Daily Mail reports that Kerry Prior, who dines at the Frankie & Benny's location in Aldershot, Hampshire as often as three times a week, was refused service for sending back too many meals to the kitchen.

The 34-year-old customer, who frequently eats breakfast at the restaurant with friends and occasionally dinner with her family, admits that she sends food back "around 90 percent of the time" she dines, when she believes the food is not to standard. She continues to return to the restaurant because she likes the service.

"I know I am fussy but I'm never rude and if I send it back it always comes back fine—the food should be of a certain standard," she tells the Daily Mail.

According to Eater, the manager of the restaurant offered Prior and two guests complimentary vouchers to dine at other Frankie & Benny's locations. Since then, a corporate representative has apologized for the situation and "unbanned" Prior, although it's not clear whether she will return.

Check out the slideshow above to learn more details about why Prior was banned from the restaurant.