The Difference Between Tempeh, Tofu and Seitan


Vegetarianism has been around for decades, and now more than ever, the options for those who don't eat meat are incredibly accessible. Even if you're a carnivore, it's likely that you've come into contact with more than a few vegetarian and vegan alternatives at the grocery store or out to eat at a restaurant. Tofu may be one of the most common, but for those who want to venture further than swapping mushrooms in for their burgers and eating a ton of beans, there are also meat substitutes like tempeh and seitan.

You've probably heard of them, but you may not be totally clear on what they're made of—or how to use them. So what makes tempeh different from tofu? And what is seitan, anyway?

Check out the slideshow above for a break down of the differences between these popular meat alternatives (and what you can do with them in the kitchen)!