The Difference Between Male And Female Eating Habits

The Difference Between Male And Female Eating Habits
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It's no surprise that men and woman have different taste.

But a myriad of research has begun to suggest that the way men and women approach food is also vastly dissimilar.

According to Jill Tanner, a nurse practitioner at the Medi-Weightloss Clinic, women tend to eat to cope with stress: "Women do more emotional eating and reward eating. If they're upset or stressed, they tend to go towards food."

This wouldn't surprise Tomoko Udo, Ph.D, MSc of the Yale School of Medicine, where Tomoko and other researchers have begun to examine the various ways men and women approach food. Udo explains, "By understanding these basic behaviors and how they're different between men and women, we might also inform research into other addictive behavior."

That women and men differ in their relationships with food is not a groundbreaking observation. Weight Watchers has designed two websites, one for their female clients and another for their male ones.

However, the science behind male and female food habits is definitely something that needs to be explored further.

Check out the slideshow above to discover how researchers are studying the difference between male and female eating habits.

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