The Diet of a Victoria's Secret Model

The Diet of a Victoria's Secret Model

Though the models of Victoria's Secret's yearly fashion show are naturally beautiful, they don't come by their perfect bodies by chance. Just like the rest of us, these gorgeous models have to work hard to keep fit and stay slim.

We got the scoop from our friends at StyleList, who went behind the scenes of last night's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and chatted with Miranda Kerr, Australian supermodel and wife of Orlando Bloom, to see what she eats to stay healthy.

What are some of your tips and tricks as far as staying healthy goes?

"Oh, we could talk about it for hours. But to sum it up, I know what works for me. I am very much into cold-pressed green juice. I also have a protein shake that I drink that is organic rice protein with goji berries ... I love avocado. I love blueberries. I love eggs. I love grilled fish. I love spinach. I love garlic. I love organic, slow roast chicken. Coconut oil is great. Macadamia nut oil is great. Almonds are amazing. I mean, we could be here all day. I love food, but very healthy food."

What's your favorite meal?

"One of my favorite meals is a slow roast chicken. I roast the chicken with a whole bunch of garlic [and] at least two or three onions, chopped up. I put some turmeric in there and roast it for seven hours."

Find more healthy tips from Miranda on her blog:

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