Did Cavemen Really Eat like the Paleo Diet?

Did Cavemen Really Eat like the Paleo Diet?
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Did Cavemen Really Eat like the Paleo Diet?

Read on to learn more about a new study on whether the Paleo diet is an accurate depiction of what cavemen really ate.

Researchers at Georgia State University and Kent State University examined the eating behaviors of mammals from 6 million to 1.6 million years ago (which includes the Paleolithic era). The scientists looked through research on the chemical, environmental and anatomical eating habits of mammals.

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The researchers published their findings in The Quarterly Review of Biology and found that there wasn't a lot of evidence to suggest that our ancestors has one specialized diet. Some early hominids ate lots of meat and others ate more vegetables depending on the regions they inhabited.

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Dr. Ken Sayers, a postdoctoral researcher at the Language Research Center of Georgia State explained in a press release, "Based on evidence that’s been gathered over many decades, there’s very little evidence that any early hominids had very specialized diets or there were specific food categories that seemed particularly important, with only a few possible exceptions."

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Followers of the Paleo diet enjoy a variety of fresh meats, fish, fruits and vegetables, while cutting out processed foods and most carbs. However, new research suggests that our ancestors from the Paleolithic era probably would have eaten a more varied diet.

Check out the slideshow above to learn about the accuracy of the Paleo diet.

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