Defrost a Steak Without Electricity In Five Minutes

Defrost a Steak Without Electricity In Five Minutes

Freezing meat is generally the method of choice to save unused meat. This is a great technique for raw steak. The only problem is that, once frozen, you have to wait for meat to thaw before use. Defrosting a steak either requires a lot of time or careful work with the microwave, but now a Taiwanese cooking show is trying to change the way meat lovers defrost their meat. Have you heard of the newest trendy way to defrost a steak?

We've reported on an improved way to defrost steak, but nothing is this easy. According to the cooking show, all you need is water and two metal pots. That's right, no hot water, no microwave and no heat. Flip one pot upside down and place the steak — which should remain in a plastic bag — on top of it. Then fill up the other pot with water and place it on top of the steak. The steak will be sandwiched between the two pots. That's all it takes to have a 1 cm-thick steak defrosted and ready to cook in just five minutes. Is it magic or genius?

The cooking show also tells viewers how to defrost a steak that is five centimeters thick, which is just as easy. Place the steak between the pots for 10 minutes instead of 5.

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