Daphne Oz's Healthy Food Hacks

Daphne Oz's Healthy Food Hacks
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Daphne Oz's Healthy Food Hacks

Read on for Daphne Oz's healthy tricks of the trade.

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No Granulated Sugar

"I almost never use granulated sugar unless I'm baking and even then I'm always looking for ways to swap it out," says Daphne. "What I'll do with baking especially is use one half the amount of sugar they call for and supplement the other half with maple syrup, honey or stevia, which can be very tricky because it's so powerfully sweet and can also be bitter."

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Real Food

"I always want to use real ingredients, " says Daphne. "Real butter, real sugar, real meat, things like that."

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Supplement Half of The "Bad" Ingredient

For ingredients like butter and eggs, it's easy to use half the amount the recipe calls for and replace the other half with a supplemental, healthy ingredient. "I might use half the butter and [replace the other half with] coconut oil. I'll use one egg and half the quantity in apple sauce," Daphne assures. "You are still getting the texture, the flavor and the consistency that you want from the real thing, but you are halving the amount of it so you are cutting out the refined or the saturated fat or the cholesterol."

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Increase The Nutritional Value

"I will very rarely sit down for a big plate of pasta," says Daphne "What I'll do is have some pasta and then supplement it with shredded zucchini or spaghetti squash. Spaghetti squash with spaghetti and tomato sauce is delicious. When you are making lasagna you can [use] thin strips of zucchini. You are getting the sensation of that super indulgent treat, but you aren't doing it in a way that sacrifices the whole point of eating the good thing in the first place."

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Daphne Oz knows the meaning of balance.

In order to live a healthy lifestyle, Daphne recognizes the importance of fresh whole foods, but is not willing to give up her favorite treats like lasagna or even baked goods. To keep eating what she loves, she has uncovered some great ways to increase the nutritional value of her favorite foods. By adding more veggies and subtracting the less healthy ingredients, you can enjoy your favorite dishes practically guilt-free.

Check out the slideshow above for Daphne Oz's favorite healthy food hacks.

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