Daphne Oz's Guide to Indulging

Daphne Oz's Guide to Indulging
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Daphne Oz's Guide to Indulging

Don't worry if you have a sweet tooth. Daphne Oz has found a way to enjoy hers without sacrificing her healthy lifestyle. Read on for Daphne's advice.

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Don't Eat Within Two Hours of Bedtime.

"Chances are, if you are eating within two hours of going to bed, you aren't really that hungry," explains Daphne. "You aren't making the healthiest choices."

Not eating before bed "helps you sleep better because if your body is up digesting food, it isn't free to do the reparative work it is supposed to be doing while you are sleeping," she shares. "I don't ever drop into that REM sleep cycle if I've just eaten. Additionally, you are having calories that are not really necessary for your body to function that day, so chances are, they will get stored as fat more quickly."

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Assess How Much You Want A Treat.

Instead of stressing about how many times a day to indulge or the best hours to do so, Daphne simply assesses how much she really wants the treat. "If [you are] really dying for it, buy the candy bar, take a bite of it, wrap it up, save the rest for tomorrow or throw it away," she offers. "If I want to have a bite of cookie or brownie every single day this week, I totally can. I have one or two bites and leave it at that."

When dining out, "I get the really indulgent thing I want and almost never order the fruit plate," says Daphne. "I'll have two bites and put it away."

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Don't Make Yourself Feel Guilty.

"You eat one cookie and you feel so guilty [and think], 'My diet is ruined, I'm never eating cookies again, so I might as well eat the whole box now.' The one cookie won't hurt you but the whole box will," explains Daphne. "If you can, convince yourself that every bite after the first tastes the same. Take the first bite to see what it tastes like, take the second bite so you really feel like you indulged, then put it away. In that scenario, you don't have to ever think, 'I indulged yesterday, I really can't have this today.'"

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Limit Snacks To 100-200 Calories.

"I think you should keep your snacks to 100- 200 calories," Daphne advises. "Keep it complex. If you are craving crunchy and you usually go for potato chips, go for pretzels or carrots with hummus or complex carbohydrates like a seeded cracker with cheese on it. You are getting some type of nutrition rather than a hopeless vending machine snack.

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Know Your Habits.

"If you are the type of person where once you open the flood gates, it's all hell, then maybe this is not the trick for you. But I know, if I feel deprived, that is when I go home and spend an hour looking through my pantry for something to satisfy that craving, and I end up eating more calories than I would have in the first place. It works out better for me just to get the thing in the first place and not eat that much of it," says Daphne.

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Go Healthy 80/20.

"I'm able to say, 80 percent of the time I live by this healthy lifestyle with lots of fresh greens and lots of good stuff, and then 20 percent of the time I let my hair down and eat what I want," shares Daphne. "It balances itself out really well."

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At the beginning of each new year, many feel the need to cut out snacks and sweets entirely in order to keep their healthy eating resolutions. Still, there's room for a little indulgence in a perfectly healthy lifestyle. The Chew's Daphne Oz knows the importance of a sweet here and there.

Check out the slideshow above for Daphne's tips to indulge in a healthy way.

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