Daphne Oz Dishes on the Hottest Healthy Eating Trends

Daphne Oz Dishes on the Hottest Healthy Eating Trends
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Daphne Oz Dishes on the Hottest Healthy Eating Trends

Read on to learn how Daphne Oz feels about going gluten-free, trying out Paelo and more.


Daphne Oz believes juicing is most beneficial when entirely green. She explains, "Some days I'll put half an apple in, but no more than that because the point of juicing is really to give your digestive tract a break. We are going to take out all the things that exhaust [the] digestive tract and really give it an opportunity to absorb vital nutrients very quickly without any of the obstacles it typically has to go through. From that standpoint, a pure green juice is very valuable because you can get a head of kale, spinach, celery and cucumbers in your system first thing in the morning, when it is really beneficial."

What you Didn't Know About Juicing

"I tend to drink juice on a mostly empty stomach with a little bit of fat," says Daphne. "Most people don't know that drinking those nutrients without any fat involved doesn't let you absorb them as well as you would if there was a little fat."

Try following your juice with yogurt or throwing in a bit of coconut, almond or real milk. "Something that gives [the juice] that creamy sensation actually helps you absorb the nutrients better."

How Not To Juice

Daphne explains, "I don't ever do complete juice fasts anymore. Maybe one day twice a year, but never the three day things where all you drink is juice. The reality is, the juices they will send you will be primarily sugar juices (fruit juices), which are not really that beneficial to you. Most people do juice cleanses to lose weight and the reality is, if you are drinking fruit juices, you are not going to lose weight because it's a sugar shot."

Additionally, "most of us don't take the time to ease into it and out of it," assures Daphne. "It is really jarring for your system. When you come off a juice cleanse and you don't take the time to properly restart integrating solid foods, [you can] have excruciating digestive pain. If you are drinking [juice] to lose weight and you jump right back into regular foods and your basic diet isn't healthy, whatever weight you may have lost during the cleanse will come rebounding back in a day."

Fresh Juice Daily

"I love fresh juice—especially these days; anything tart with lemon or grapefruit is my jam! The baby loves it, and fresh juice provides a huge surge of raw nutrition," shares Daphne.

Gluten-Free And Elimination Diets

"The more you can remove gluten naturally, the better off you'll be in terms of clearer thinking, better sleep, higher energy, fewer digestive problems and fewer headaches. So many basic problems that people face are often linked to their consumption of gluten and processed wheat products," explains Daphne. "That being said, in my life, I'd always rather go for real products, so I don't do a lot of the foods that should have gluten in [them but don't such as cookies, bagels and muffins].Those should be treats, but not something you rely on if you are trying to go gluten free."

How To Go Gluten-Free the Right Way

"You should go for things that never have gluten in them (vegetables, fruits and greens), but people see going gluten free as a weight-loss trick and it's not. It's a very serious thing for people who are actually at risk from gluten," Daphne offers. "If I live my life 80 percent of the time really healthy, steering clear of processed sugars, artificial fats, flavorings and colors and yes, gluten, the 20 percent of the time [when] I want to indulge, I can."

The Paleo Diet

"I'm really interested in Paleo," says Daphne. "I have a bunch of friends who will be Paleo during the week and on the weekends eat whatever they want." Daphne appreciates this technique because it gets you thinking about your food for the week and being a more conscious eater. "During the week, if you don't do any forward thinking on what you are going to eat for lunch at work, chances are, by the time you think about it, you are already so hungry [that] you are not going to make a good choice."

Criticism Of The Paleo Diet

"My only issue with Paleo is that I'm not sure how historically accurate it is. [When] you think about what your ancestors would have had to do to catch the quantity of meat that most people doing Paleo eat, it is physically impossible," assures Daphne. "You have to hunt down the bison or wooly mammoth and I just don't see that happening every day.

"My [other] fear [is] if you don't plan, it can be so restrictive that you end up going back to the same foods over and over again. Humans need variety. If you do Paleo right, you'll have small quantities of really high quality meat, lots of seeds and nuts, a small quantity of dried fruit, lots of vegetables and only certain types of grains that were only available back in the day."

Benefits Of The Paleo Diet

"I'm really into the idea of limiting grains—especially processed and gluten-containing ones—the way that Paleo plans do. [I] think it's probably much better overall for our health. I love a Paleo granola that's just nuts, seeds and berries with flaked coconut and maple syrup. But again, it's about moderation. The Paleo granola may be better for me than a grain-based alternative, but it's still calorie-packed, and I'd prefer to eat a variety of different foods than be forced to stick to a strict plan that ruled out too many of my favorite foods long-term," says Daphne.

Organic Food

"I think organic is really valuable especially with certain foods. The Dirty Dozen are the foods you should avoid eating [as] conventional produce. They are often thin-skinned fruits, fruits you would eat the skin on or really water-based vegetables and fruits. The water system [of that produce] will absorb tons of the pesticides and toxins that farmers might apply. Then you have things like The Clean 15, that even when produced conventionally, if washed appropriately, are pretty safe to eat. You need to make that call for yourself."

How Daphne Incorporates Organic Food

"Often eating organic or fresh produce can be expensive," alerts Daphne. "My preference is that you eat more vegetables and fruits, not that you save up and only eat them once a week because you are being so strict with buying organic. Within your budget, you should be buying the best things that you can." Foods like lettuce, berries and apples absorb toxins and deliver them to you most quickly, so they are important to buy organic.

Approaching Healthy Eating Trends While Pregnant

Daphne believes that stressing about what to eat can almost be worse for the baby than just enjoying food: "That was the first thing my dad actually told me. [He said,] 'the thing that is worst for the baby are the stress hormones you are delivering to it, so, enjoy the time, enjoy the experience, be smart, but don't stress out.'"

"Think about how different pregnancies have become in the U.S. in the last 50 years. In the '60s, women were drinking and smoking. Over the years, you become more informed, but you also become slightly more neurotic, which I think is a little dangerous."


With so many trendy diets out there, how can you choose the right one? The Chew's healthy eating guru Daphne Oz knows a thing or two about fad diets and offers her take on the latest trends. How do the Paleo diet, gluten-free eating and juicing rank?

Check out the slideshow above for Daphne's assessment of the hottest diet trends.

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