Dads Are Spending More Time In The Kitchen

Dads Are Spending More Time In The Kitchen

New research suggests that dads are making more decisions around the house, especially in the kitchen.

According to a study by Edelman Berland and Edelman's food sector, dads have been taking on a great role in the purchase of foods and beverages for their families. The study isn't especially surprising since 40 percent of mothers are now primary breadwinners.

Researchers asked 500 moms and 500 dads from the same household about their attitudes and behaviors toward food. The interviews were conducted separately to properly assess the differences and similarities that each parent associated with food and how they approached food shopping and preparation.

The study found that 65 percent of moms and dads believed what they ate mirrored their personal values. Over 85 percent of the participants said that they limited the amount of processed food consumed in their households. Over 75 percent agreed it was important to know the origin of the food they purchased and more than 70 percent stated that they tried to buy locally grown food. Almost 90 percent liked to use fresh ingredients for cooking and over 95 percent believed it was necessary to teach their kids how to cook.

Moms and dads said that nutritional quality, taste and freshness were the most significant factors in their food shopping.

Edelman's senior food and nutrition strategist Mary K. Young, MS, RD explains in a press release that cooking has become more of a family activity, "Traditionally, we considered mom to be the only one who made nutrition and wellness a priority for the family, but it's clear it's just as important to dad. And, as dad continues to elevate his role within the home, we believe he'll become an even more influential force in the food purchases."

Keep up the great work, dads!

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