Curtis Stone on Eating Up Fatherhood

Curtis Stone on Eating Up Fatherhood
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Curtis Stone on Eating Up Fatherhood

Read on to learn what Curtis Stone sees as the coolest part about fatherhood and what concerns him about our future.

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The Coolest Part of Fatherhood

"It is just watching them learn," shares Curtis. "When you see someone you care about discover something for the first time or achieve something and see how proud they get about it, that development is unbelievable."

Image Courtesy of Curtis Stone

Expanding the World of Kids' Foods

"He’s never had anything off the kids' menu," Curtis explains about his two-year-old son Hudson's diet. "I’ve never treated him differently than I have anybody else with food and as a result, he is a really adventurous eater. He’s eaten caviar and foie gras and truffles and frog legs — you name it, he’s tried it."

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What Hudson 'Gobbles' Down

"I cooked him chicken livers the other night, much to his mother’s disgust, but they are really, really good for you," offers Curtis. "We don’t eat them as much anymore because they are just not on your parameter, but they are a really good part of a balanced diet. He gobbled them down."

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Getting Kids to Eat Healthy

"Talk about what we do with kids’ foods — we make them all strange colors like pink and blue," Curtis says. "Of course kids are attracted to different colors, but you know what? My son wants kale in his juice because it makes it green which most parents dream of. I think if you introduce it to him young, they go for it."

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Cooking for The Family

Curtis recommends cooking on the weekends and refrigerating meals if you don't have time to cook during the week. "The other day I did a beautiful stew which they’ve had a couple times this week," he explains.

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Cooking Together

Curtis brings Hudson into the kitchen to help him make something every day, whether it is an omelet or juice. "He fits perfectly into the kitchen sink. I’ll cut a pile of stuff and give it to him and he’ll pick them up, one by one, and put them in the bowl. We have a pretty good system down," Curtis shares.

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His Father's Kitchen Influence

"He was a terrible cook," jokes Curtis. "He had no interest in it whatsoever and he still doesn’t! He has interest in eating my food but no interest in recreating it." Curtis's culinary interests instead came from his grandmother and his mother.

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How Fatherhood Changed His View on Food

"It makes me believe [even more] in what I’ve always preached, which is organic and natural and local," says Curtis. "It [makes me want to] go fight the farmers who want to do these GMO crops. It is so crazy to me. When you have a kid, you are like my God, life doesn’t end with me! It ends further down the track and someone that you really care about is going to be the person who inherits all of our successes and our wrong doings."

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Curtis Stone's son, Hudson, may not eat like your average American two year old (he's tried foie gras and loves vegemite), but when your dad is a top chef, you're bound to be a bit more adventurous! Curtis loves spending time with Hudson in the kitchen and shares with him the excitement of farm-to-table eating. "We have a veggie garden, so I show him where [vegetables] come from," share Curtis. "We go out in the morning and we pick some stuff together. We make juice."

The importance of natural cooking actually came from Curtis's mother who taught him to "grow it yourself, grow it naturally and don't use any sprays." Now, Curtis will be able to share this message with another little one, as he and his wife Lindsay recently announced that they are expecting baby number two!

This Father's Day, you'll not only find Curtis giving grilling advice and summer recipes on Kitchen Daily, but he's also crossing his fingers for breakfast in bed. "I'm going to put my request in early this year," he jokes.

For more on Curtis as a dad, Check out the slideshow above and find out how fatherhood has changed his view of food and why his son has never ordered off the kid's menu.

Then, create a simple, last-minute and free gift for Dad!

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