Cronut Inventor, Dominique Ansel, Unveils New Creation

Dominique Ansel knows how to get creative with pastries. The French pastry chef has created a name for himself by combining various pastries and coming up with the oddest, most out-there desserts that boggle the imagination and get your mouth watering. In addition to creating the well-known and wildly popular croissant-donut hybrid, the Cronut, Ansel has also invented the Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot filled with milk, a Magic Souffle that never collapses, the Waffagato, an espresso-covered ice cream and even Ice Cream Sundaes in a can. Now the inventive chef has created Pretzel Lobster Tails to add to his litany of whimsical pastries and desserts that fans often wait hours to enjoy.

Contrary to the name, the pastry does not contain lobster tail. The dessert derives its whimsical name from its shape. The lobster tail-shaped pretzels are filled with peanut butter and butter crunch brittle.They are served with whipped honey brown butter dip and sprinkled with Maldon salt. According to Grub Street, the shape is designed to be pulled apart and enjoyed in segments, for a hands on and delicious treat.

Ansel revealed his new sweet and savory treat on Good Morning America. He announced that the Pretzel Lobster Tails will be available at the Dominique Ansel Bakery in Soho beginning on August 9th for the rest of the summer. The Pretzel Lobster Tails will cost $8. Will you be buying the Pretzel Lobster Tail this summer?

Image Credit: Twitter via Dominique Ansel

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