Crispy M&M's Are Making a Comeback!

Crispy M&M's Are Making a Comeback!

How much do you miss Crispy M&M's? Turns out, the crunchy chocolate will be making a delicious comeback!

Mars spoke to BuzzFeed News to announce that Crispy M&M's would go back on the market this January. The return of the popular candy is thanks in large part to Facebook posts and petitions. Mars discontinued the candy nationally back in 2005, but Seth Klugherz, the senior director of M&M's Chocolate Candies, told BuzzFeed News that people asked Mars to bring back Crispy M&M's "nearly daily." He says that the candy is so beloved some fans have Crispy M&M's shopped from places like Germany and Australia, where the candy had not been discontinued.

Did you know that Crispy M&M's are technically called M&M's Crispy? The beloved candy was discontinued because it was a limited-edition sweet, but many companies have been taking notice of the impact that nostalgia has on millenials. Surge was one of Coca-Cola's most popular drinks and that has recently made a comeback as well. Though Klugherz explains that since it takes nearly a year to a year and a half for to take a product to market, Mars had made the decision to bring Crispy M&M's back before Surge returned. While Surge will only be sold through Amazon, Mars plans to sell Crispy M&M's at retailers throughout the country.

How many Crispy M&M's will you be eating come January?

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