Couple Celebrates 64th Anniversary At Taco Bell

Couple Celebrates 64th Anniversary At Taco Bell

Charles and Ann Lanter have been married for 64 years and also share a love of nachos. So much so that their local Taco Bell helped them celebrate.

The Lanters are frequent customers at the Taco Bell in Apache Junction, Arizona, so it's no surprise that they decided to celebrate their 64th wedding anniversary at the chain's location.

According to MyFoxPhoenix, once the owner, Skip Chase, discovered that their anniversary was approaching, he wanted to throw them a party they wouldn't forget. He created a 64-inch plate of nachos for the couple, an inch for each year of their marriage. He also presented them with a $64 Taco Bell gift card.

Charles told the station that he met Ann at church when she was a member of a singing trio, and he asked her if he could tune her guitar. As Ann told MyFoxPhoenix, "It's been wonderful. I wish we had 64 more."

Watch the video above to see Charles and Ann's anniversary celebration at Taco Bell!

Image Credit: Newsy