The Country That Consumes The Most Calories Is...

The Country That Consumes The Most Calories Is...

Can you guess how many calories the average American consumes in a day? If you guessed 3,770, you'd be correct. The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations released a list of the average daily calorie intake from nations around the world. The health website created an infographic of the information, comparing the average calorie intake of various countries around the world visually.

As the Daily Mail points out, the U.S. topped the list with the highest calorie intake of any country. This result isn't that shocking considering the fact that more than one third of American adults is considered obese. That's about 78.6 million Americans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Coming in second behind America's calorie intake was Austria, with an average of a whopping 3,760 calories per day, followed by Italy coming in at 3,660 calories. According to the graph, the countries with the lowest average daily calorie consumption were India with 2,300 and the Democratic Republic of Congo with 1,590. Both India and the Democratic Republic of Congo fall below the ideal amount of daily calories recommendation by Web MD, which states that women aged 19-30 should consume about 2,000 calories a day and men of the same age bracket should consume around 2,400.

The video above also cites a study by the Food Service Warehouse that found the countries that consumed the most calories also spent the least amount of their incomes on food. Countries that spend more on food generally consume fewer calories per day.

Watch the video above to learn more about the countries who consume the most and least calories.

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