Could You Eat Pizza Every Day? This Guy Has for 25 Years

Could You Eat Pizza Every Day? This Guy Has for 25 Years

Meet The Pizza King. He's your ordinary guy with less-than-ordinary eating habits. Dan Janssen, a vegetarian, pizza addict has eaten a pie every day for the past 25 years. But don't worry; He proudly reassured that he doesn't eat it for every meal, he has a bowl of Raisin Bran once a week to be healthy. Phew.

Surprisingly, he isn't overweight, but he does have diabetes which he says is genetic. Most people who have diabetes watch what they eat, but not Dan. He's an optimist. In the documentary that has made him famous online, Dan says, "We're all gonna die. I'm gonna die with pizza in my stomach. Gonna be good." Well, we admire his gusto.

Although it might seem like this guy should be on the verge of heart failure, all of his doctors have actually signed off on his health. He claims that he bikes thirty to forty miles a day and feels like he has a ton of energy.

While we applaud Dan for his incredible metabolism, we're sensing that there might be a gradual change to his diet in the near future. His loving fiancé is nudging him to slowly grow out of his picky eating habits and expand his palette. We have a slight suspicion that she doesn't want to spend the rest of her days arguing over Papa John's or Domino's for date night.

Her first steps have been to encourage him to eat vegetable-topped pizzas and gently urge him to ditch the "grease bucket" in the kitchen that we assume he uses to fry all of his non-pizza meals. However, these tasks have proven to be challenging for him because Dan hates vegetables and can't get used to the idea of roasting, instead of frying, his food.

Dan may look good and feel good, but he is missing out on a whole world of food. We love pizza, but what about nachos, ice cream and barbecue? And what about Grilled cheese bun burgers?! At the very least, maybe Dan could incorporate the occasional sushi night or taco party into the routine for his fiancé's sake.

Check out the video below for a peek into Dan's life.

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