Could the Smell of Fruit Help Weight Loss?

Could the Smell of Fruit Help Weight Loss?
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Could the Smell of Fruit Help Weight Loss?

Read on to learn more about how your nose could help you sniff out healthier food!

According to a new study, the scent of fruit could help you make healthy food choices, especially when it comes to dessert.

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Researchers from the University of Bourgogne in France wanted to test the theory that the unconscious process influences decisions. So they decided to see how a fruity scent impacted subjects who were asked to choose from a food cart, according to a press release.

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Using the scent of pear, the scientists hoped to observe a change in the participants' food choices.

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115 participants took part in the study. They were placed in a room with a pear odor or a room without a pear odor and asked to choose a starter, main course and dessert for lunch.

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The researchers found that the participants who ordered in the pear-scented room were more likely to order the fruity dessert (a compote) in comparison to the subjects in the odorless room who were more likely to order the brownie.

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The pear scent didn't seem to have as profound of an effect on the other courses.

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This is the first study of its kind to demonstrate that a "non-consciously perceived" fruity scent can impact food choice, even guiding the subject to a more nutritious alternative.

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Smell is a huge component of taste.

For instance, the scent of a warm chocolate chip cookie can make your mouth water before even taking a bite. Now, new research suggests that smell could even affect food choices. That is, smelling healthy food like fruit could make you more likely to order something nutritious. Perhaps the nose knows best...

Check out the slideshow above to learn how the scent of food could affect weight loss.

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