Could The Magic Souffle Be The Next Cronut?

Could The Magic Souffle Be The Next Cronut?
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Everyone has been wondering what pastry will be the next Cronut.

After hosting a game of "21 Questions" on Twitter all week, the creator of the original Cronut, Dominique Ansel, kept fans guessing what the bakery's "new fall item" would be. After days of anticipation, Ansel tweeted this morning, "Wow! Three people guessed the right answer simultaneously..." Ansel then tweeted a photo of the Magic Souffle, the mysterious new fall dessert.

The Magic Souffle is an orange blossom brioche filled with Grand Marnier chocolate. The dessert is "magical" because it never collapses.

According to a representative from Dominique Ansel Bakery, the Magic Souffle was "a very difficult recipe to figure out." The recipe is so special that there is a non-disclosure agreement for the recipe technique.

Ansel explains "I don't want the creation to kill the creativity. It's not so much about making the next Cronut. It's about making something other than the Cronut." Tomorrow in the massive Cronut line several very enviable fans will receive a sample of the new item, which officially debuts on Saturday for $7.

Check out the slideshow above to learn how many tries it took to get the Cronut just right and for more on Dominique Ansel.

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