Cotton Candy Grapes and 8 Other Unusual Fruit and Vegetable Hybrids

Cotton Candy Grapes and 8 Other Unusual Fruit and Vegetable Hybrids
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Cotton Candy Grapes and 8 Other Unusual Fruit and Vegetable Hybrids


Merging the trendy kale with Brussels sprouts, kalettes were invented by a British company. The veggie hybrid took 15 years to create!

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Broccolini is a hybrid of broccoli and gai lan, which is a Chinese kale.

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Combining a plum and an apricot, the plumcot was created by the American horticulturist Luther Burbank.

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To make the tangelo, farmers crossbred tangerines with grapefruits or pomellos. Tangelos are known for their sweet yet tart flavor, and their impressively long shelf life.

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Already proclaimed as the new superfruit, yuzu tastes like a mix of grapefruit, lemon and mandarin. The Asian fruit is said to have three times more vitamin C than a lemon.

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Limequats are a combination of the Indian key lime and the kumquat. They have the juiciness of a lime, but are shaped like the kumquat.

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A pluot is another hybrid between a plum and apricot. The pluot is a sweet and juicy snack that is great for kids. It's basically a plumcot but specifically contains more plum.

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Rangpurs are a cross between lemons and mandarins. They are very sour.

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Cotton Candy Grapes

With the cotton candy grape, Californian plant breeders have found a way to make grapes taste more like candy, in a natural way. For $6 per pound, the cotton candy grapes could be a good substitute for junk food for kids and adults alike. They have about 12 percent more sugar than regular grapes, but still a lot less than a snack like raisins, which have over three times the amount of carbs.

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Cronuts aren't the only hybrid food gaining attention (and popularity) these days. In addition to recent combinations like Wonuts and Quesaritos, it seems more produce is also being combined to make exciting hybrid fruits and vegetables. You may be familiar with broccolini and plumcots, but what about the latest craze: Cotton Candy grapes?

Plant breeders in California have created a grape that tastes like the favorite fair treat. Horticulturist David Cain says he wants to provide the same variety you find for apples at the store for grapes as well. He told NPR's The Salt that he's not doing this artificially—he's using plant breeding. The Cotton Candy grape has been available since 2011, but sales have been so great that the distributor has increased production this year, which may be the reason why you see more Cotton Candy grapes hitting the produce aisle.

Check out the slideshow above for more on cotton candy grapes, and to discover 7 other wild fruit and vegetable hybrids out there.

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