Cookies and the Beach

Cookies and the Beach

Attempts were made to turn me into one of those nature-y outdoorsy sorts of people. Success was not the result of these endeavors.

The exception is the beach.

It has the following things going for it:

  1. proximity

  2. castle-making sand

  3. deliciously salty breeze

  4. soothing sounds from crashing waves

  5. an appealing blue/green color

  6. possibility of whale/dolphin spotting

  7. crucially, availability of bathrooms

Though I love being at the beach, the actual process of getting to the beach can be a hassle. One doesn't just decide to go, and then "poof" there you are laying supine while rays of sunshine embrace you in their warmth. Oh no. Things must be gathered. Bags must be packed.

Check out the slideshow above to see what Home Skillet includes in their beach food arsenal.

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