Cookbook Round-Up

Cookbook Round-Up

Finding your favorite cookbook is not an easy task, but once it's done, you will never be without delicious food again. So it's worth the extra effort to find one that you really love.

Whether you want something big or small, specific or general, we want to give you a variety of solid options to help make your search easier. Check out 15 of our recommended cookbooks below, and choose wisely:

  • The Great American Cookbook: With an epic title like that and 500 recipes from all 50 states, we had no choice but to include this book in our list.

  • The Silver Spoon: Not only was this book first published in 1950, but it has now become the most successful cookbook in Italy.

  • Paula Deen's Southern Cooking Bible: Paula Deen is the expert when it comes to ham, carbs and all things deep-fried. Therefore, this cookbook works particularly well in the fall.

  • Ad Hoc at Home: Turn to chef Thomas Keller for family-style recipes and home-cooking tips from a known perfectionist. The results are sure to be tasty.