Cook Up Game Day Touchdowns

Cook Up Game Day Touchdowns

So... how 'bout them hot wings? While everyone analyzes the plays and argues about the competition, all they really need to be thinking about is how slamming your game day spread is. Football and gourmet aren't always synonymous, but there's no reason you can't jazz up your snacks with some delicious, finger-licking good recipes.

Create go-to dishes like nachos and hot wings that will last through the second half even when the game's starters don't. Give these traditional dishes a twist with exciting sauces and new flavors that will surprise your guests more than that last play. Spice things up with savory, homemade guacamole and salsas for easy to grab snacks. Made it to half-time? Revitalize your guests with fun finger foods like quesadillas and sloppy joe sliders. Have fun with it! After all--it's just a game.

Check out the slideshow above to score great game day recipes.