Contributor Spotlight: Tammy Kresge of Organize Yourself Skinny

Contributor Spotlight: Tammy Kresge of Organize Yourself Skinny
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Contributor Spotlight: Tammy Kresge of Organize Yourself Skinny

Read on to learn more about Tammy Kresge and Organize Yourself Skinny.

Image Credit: Tammy Kresge

Weekly weigh-ins

Tammy posts her weight on her blog every week or so to show her progress. “That accountability started helping me sustain that weight loss,” Tammy says. “I found that people were really looking to me not just for information, but for motivation and inspiration. So I took that role very seriously, especially once my readership started growing more and I was getting emails from people all over the world saying things like ‘This has really motivated me,’ ‘This has really changed my life,’ and that meant a lot to me.”

Image Credit: Tammy Kresge

Biggest challenge as a blogger

One of Tammy’s biggest challenges as a blogger is prioritizing her time. She works full-time, and tries to exercise in the mornings, so she often doesn’t get to writing until late at night or on the weekends. “Finding that time to not only cook the food and put my topics together… but then also writing it and editing it and taking pictures. There’s just so much that goes into that,” Tammy says.

Image Credit: Tammy Kresge

The best decision she’s made for her blog

Tammy recently decided to change the name of her blog from Skinny Mom’s Kitchen to Organize Yourself Skinny—and she says it’s the best decision she’s ever made. “I realized I was organizing my life to fit a healthy lifestyle and so I wanted a name that was inclusive of everybody,” Tammy says. She didn’t want people to think that only moms could benefit from the information she was sharing. “You didn’t have to be a mom to come and get my information,” Tammy says.

Image Credit: Tammy Kresge

The one ingredient she can’t live without

Since Tammy started drinking green smoothies every morning, she’s been stocking up on frozen fruit. “I always make sure to have a nice big bag of organic fruit in my freezer,” Tammy says.

Image Credit: Tammy Kresge

Who inspires her most in the kitchen

“Where I am in my life, and where I’ve been [for] the last 10 years, my inspiration definitely comes from the strong desire to be the healthiest I can be to be able to take care of my family,” Tammy says. “My family is definitely an inspiration to me. When I’m healthier I’m happier. I have more energy… And we all know when mommy’s happy, everyone’s happy.”

Image Credit: Tammy Kresge

How she describes her cooking style

When Tammy’s thinking of new recipes, she always tries to keep it simple, clean, and something you can make-ahead. “I try really hard to eat clean, like 75 percent of the time,” Tammy says. “So no processed foods, and I try to stay away from artificial ingredients… What I really try to do with all of my cooking is [ask]: Is this a simple recipe that I can make, that my readers can make easily? Can they make this ahead of time? How clean is it?”

Image Credit: Tammy Kresge

Food she thought she’d hate, but loves

“I never thought I would be a kale fan, but I put kale in my smoothies every morning,” Tammy says.

Image Credit: Getty Images

The best kitchen advice she’s ever received

When Tammy was on maternity leave with her first daughter, she bought a book on Amazon about make-ahead meals and freezer cooking, and she says that it “just completely revolutionized” how she did things in the kitchen. “Without either of those two things, there’s just no way I would ever be able to provide my family or myself with healthy, homemade meals,” Tammy says.

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Her favorite restaurant

“You know it’s so funny coming from a food blogger, but I’m a mom, and my kids love to eat [at the Olive Garden],” Tammy says. “Prior to my professional life, I worked there as a waitress for five years… I met my husband by working at the Olive Garden…”

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Healthier versions of guilty pleasures

Tammy loves the Olive Garden’s chicken alfredo pizza, and when she first started writing her blog, she created her own version of it that she wouldn’t feel guilty about eating. “Those are a lot of the types of recipes you’ll find on my blog. I just try to find good comfort foods, those foods that just everyone wants to eat, and try to make them where they’re healthier, so you could eat them on a more regular basis,” she says.

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Favorite health food

“I always have a half gallon of coconut milk in my fridge,” Tammy says. She tells us it makes her smoothies creamy and gives them great flavor, and also provides her with a lot of protein, good fat and fiber. “I also just recently started baking with it,” she says.

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Favorite comfort food

Pizza is one of Tammy’s favorite comfort foods, so she makes a lot of it and posts the recipes on her blog. “I make them different ways with homemade pizza dough, on Naan bread or on pita bread,” Tammy says. “I just really, really love pizza.”

Image Credit: Tammy Kresge

The best original recipe she’s created

Tammy recently posted a recipe for a healthy macaroni and cheese made with butternut squash and whole grain noodles that she really loves. “I’ve been testing and re-doing that recipe for about two or three months now, and I love it,” she says. “My kids eat it, they have no idea. Squash turns it orange… It’s just a great way to eat a comfort food without it being just all junk.”

Image Credit: Tammy Kresge


As soon as Tammy Kresge started tracking her food on an app on her phone, she started losing weight. She wanted to make healthy eating work for her whole family, so she started cooking and preparing food differently at home.

People started to notice Tammy's weight loss. They'd ask her questions about what she was doing to shed the weight, and she found herself giving the same responses over and over again. That's when she decided to start a blog. "I just started writing what I knew," Tammy says. "I really didn't want it to be a journal. I wanted it to be very informational... But I also wanted people to know that I'm a real person. I work full-time, I have two kids. My life is very busy, like most working moms' lives are."

Organize Yourself Skinny (formerly Skinny Mom's Kitchen) is Tammy's way of showing people that anyone can achieve the weight loss she has by following her simple tips.

Check out the slideshow above to learn more about Organize Yourself Skinny and Tammy's journey.

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