Contributor Spotlight: Tammy Kresge of Organize Yourself Skinny


As soon as Tammy Kresge started tracking her food on an app on her phone, she started losing weight. She wanted to make healthy eating work for her whole family, so she started cooking and preparing food differently at home.

People started to notice Tammy's weight loss. They'd ask her questions about what she was doing to shed the weight, and she found herself giving the same responses over and over again. That's when she decided to start a blog. "I just started writing what I knew," Tammy says. "I really didn't want it to be a journal. I wanted it to be very informational... But I also wanted people to know that I'm a real person. I work full-time, I have two kids. My life is very busy, like most working moms' lives are."

Organize Yourself Skinny (formerly Skinny Mom's Kitchen) is Tammy's way of showing people that anyone can achieve the weight loss she has by following her simple tips.

Check out the slideshow above to learn more about Organize Yourself Skinny and Tammy's journey.

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