Contributor Spotlight: Amanda Plott of The Skinny Fork

Contributor Spotlight: Amanda Plott of The Skinny Fork
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Contributor Spotlight: Amanda Plott of The Skinny Fork

Read on to learn more about Kitchen Daily contributor Amanda Plott of The Skinny Fork.

Image Credit: Amanda Plott

Q: Describe your personal cooking style in 3 words.

A: Healthy, Light, Skinny.

Image Credit: Amanda Plott

Q: How do you come up with recipe ideas?

A: Lots of places! Magazines, books, Pinterest, restaurants, friends, family. You name it—it inspires me in some way. My wheels are always spinning with ideas!

Image Credit: Amanda Plott

Q: Ever been stumped on how to make a skinny version of a not-so-healthy dish?

A: All. The. Time! I have my few little tricks, but they don't always work for everything! Sometimes it's just trial and error. I'll just say this... we've had a LOT of skinny blue cheese dressing variations over the past year or two.

Image Credit: Amanda Plott

Q: One ingredient that's always on your grocery list?

A: Oh, gosh... here we go. Wine! Wine and bananas.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Q: Who inspires you the most in the kitchen?

A: That would be a close tie between my mom and my great grandmother.

Image Credit: Amanda Plott

Q: Health food you thought you'd hate, but love?

A: Chia seeds!

Image Credit: Getty Images

Q: One piece of advice for someone trying to make healthier meals?

A: Make small changes at first. Baby steps.

Image Credit: Amanda Plott

Q: Favorite comfort food or guilty pleasure?

A: Queso. I love cheese more than the air I breathe. (Laughs)

Image Credit: Getty Images

Q: Favorite superfood?

A: Spinach! It's super versatile and can be used for any meal; breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack!

Image Credit: Getty Images

Q: Best original recipe you've created?

A: Skinny Birthday Cake Cinnamon Rolls.

Image Credit: Amanda Plott

Q: What's been the most challenging part about being a blogger?

A: Time. Blogging takes a lot of time and energy. I definitely work harder and longer hours than I ever have before in my life. I don't think many people realize what all goes into each blog post—between the research, cooking, photography, editing, advertising, social media, branding, etc... It's a lot to keep up with!

Image Credit: Amanda Plott

Q: What's been the most rewarding part?

A: I love, love, love it when people leave comments or send emails to tell me how a recipe or the blog has worked out for them. Some even just send me notes of inspiration or positivity, that's what motivates and inspires me the most.

Image Credit: Amanda Plott


Amanda Plott started working from home as a graphic designer when she was about three months pregnant with her daughter. At that time, she started to take cooking a little more seriously. After her daughter was born, she made the decision to breastfeed for a full year, and somewhere along the way, started to become more health conscious (both for her child and to shed the excess baby weight). While changing her eating habits, one of her close friends started a blog on living frugally and happily. The idea of a blog sparked an interest in Amanda. (She had started a food blog before, but stopped keeping up with it after a few months.) Because of her friend's inspiration, she started The Skinny Fork, in February of 2013.

"I really didn't give much thought to what I wanted to blog about," Amanda tells Kitchen Daily. "I knew that I wanted to share with the world my [healthy] and skinny versions of recipes that we all know, love and crave. So many people out there think that eating lighter or more healthfully will take away from taste, and that's just not true! The smallest of changes can have the biggest effect on you while still tasting fabulous."

Check out the slideshow above to learn more about Amanda Plott and her food blog, The Skinny Fork.

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