A Computer Powered By Wine?

A Computer Powered By Wine?

While sometimes we like to think that wine has infinite powers, we never thought one of them would be to provide electricity.

With the help of Intel, wine does just that. At this year's Intel Developer Forum, the company debuted a new computer processor that is completely fueled by a glass of wine. The glass features two electrodes that when connected with the acid in the wine, creates a small current.

The wine serves as a battery, similar to a potato battery, which kids have been making for decades, notes The Register, but amazingly, the computer requires such little power that it can run off of what is essentially a child's science project.

Chipzilla's in-house anthropologist Dr. Genevieve Bell told The Register, "Some people turn water into wine, here at Intel we're turning wine into electricity," Bell said.

While we may not be seeing these wine-powered computers in the market any time soon, their technology will be important moving forward.

check out the slideshow below to learn what else wine can do.