Clean & Simple Cake Design

Stay on-trend! Create your most stylish cakes yet with cake designer Jessica Harris' waxed-paper transfer method in this online Craftsyclass.

During this class, Jessica will reveal the keys to success for decorating unforgettable cakes, without the years of practice. Learn the methods to elevate your next cake into a trendsetting masterpiece! Find out how to get smooth corners and razor-sharp edges on your fondant-covered cakes and then use the innovative waxed-paper transfer method to apply impressive designs, like chevrons, with zero frustration. Plus, learn how to use Jessica's classic templates to add stripes, scalloped bands and ruffles, flowers and chic bows — sure to elevate your next cake project into a polished masterpiece when you enroll today.

Check out the video above for a preview of the class, then get a special discount below!

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