Chopping Board 2.0

Chopping Board 2.0

A new concept for your kitchen transforms a chopping board into a virtual recipe book.

Siobhán Andrews was one of more than 70 inventors to enter her product idea into the #GetItDownOnPaper competition put on by Sharp Laboratories of Europe. Her creation, a Wi-Fi-enabled chopping board, dubbed the Chop-Syc, took top honors and beat out the pool of competitor products which included "a waste disposal system based on biomimicry" and a charity app, according to Sharp Laboratories of Europe Managing Director Ian Thompson.

The innovative new cutting board actually comprises a screen, similar to that of a tablet. The surface looks like any wooden chopping board when the Wi-Fi is not being utilized, as it features a screen-savor that imitates wood. This screen-savor effortlessly gives way to a view of the internet so home cooks can look up healthy recipes and information about food while cooking without having to grab an additional item. "You can use it as a normal chopping board but it also connects you to different sites where you can access healthy recipes," says Andrews. "It can also connect you to a background where you can find out about portion sizes."

The sturdy board is topped with a toughened scratch-resistant glass that allows users to chop away without fear of cracking the screen.

While this invention is simply an idea right now, Sharp has expressed interest in actually building the product. In addition to the possibility of Andrew's invention coming to life, the Falmouth University student won an internship with the company.

Image Credit: Siobhán Andrews