Cheerios Will Soon Come in 'Ancient Grains' Variety

Cheerios Will Soon Come in 'Ancient Grains' Variety

Trendy ancient grains go mainstream as General Mills plans to introduce Cheerios in an 'Ancient Grains' variety.

The new cereal, called Cheerios + Ancient Grains, mixes up traditional oats with quinoa, Kamut wheat and spelt and will be available starting January of next year, reports NPR. Variations on the classic Cheerios have also been sweeter; one serving of plain Cheerios has one gram of sugar, while one serving of Cheerios + Ancient Grains will have five grams of sugar.

The new cereal will also be pricier, costing $4.39 for a 12-ounce box compared to $3.99 for a 14-ounce box of regular Cheerios, reports The New Yorker.

Back in October, a General Mills spokesman told the Wall Street Journal that the use of the words 'ancient grains' on food packaging has increased 50% this year compared to last according to Nielsen data. Shoppers often associate the words with healthy and nutrient-dense foods, although the new cereal isn't necessarily more nutritious than regular Cheerios.

"Ancient grains" is not really a scientific term, since grains likes quinoa, millet and spelt aren't older than common grains like oats or regular wheat. From a marketing perspective, the term encompasses whole grains that are less commonly found. While whole grains are generally healthier than refined ones, not all ancient grains carry more health benefits than common grains.

Watch the video above to learn more about the new breakfast cereal Cheerios + Ancient Grains!

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