Carla Hall's 7 Ways to Get Happy in the Kitchen

Carla Hall's 7 Ways to Get Happy in the Kitchen
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Carla Hall's 7 Ways to Get Happy in the Kitchen

Carla Hall is known for her positivity and vibrant personality. Now, she shares her top tips for creating a happy kitchen.

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Cook With Love

Carla is known for preaching on cooking with love, so we asked her what this meant to her. "I think the first thing that it means is that I am in a mindset that I want to nurture you — I want to give you something," she shares. "Whenever you truly want to give somebody something, you are happy. I don’t care what the gift is, you are happy to give it to them."

"All that energy and happiness goes through the food to the person. If you aren’t in a good mood, the only thing you should make is a reservation."

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Laugh It Off

"When things go wrong in the kitchen you have to laugh it off," Carla says. "[You] say, 'oh well,' and you recover."

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Be Open to Happy Accidents

"Don’t take cooking or the dish so seriously that you are so stuck in your expectations of what is supposed to happen," she says. "When something goes wrong, you may have created something new that you like even better.

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Set the Mood

"Create an environment that makes you happy," says Carla. "If it means music, if it means the dish you happen to be cooking, setting the table, not setting the table, I think you [should] set yourself up in an environment that helps you."

"If it means making a deal beforehand that someone else is going to wash the dishes, then do that. If you are thinking about what you don’t want to do, like washing the dishes in the end, then you are going to be in a bad mood. Find the little things that you can hold onto to make you happy."

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Make Dishes that Make You Happy

"I love making soup, [but] my friends tell me that they can taste how happy I am when I make desserts," shares Carla. "Making desserts, for me, is like casual Friday. It's like my two loves, crafts and cooking, are coming together. I am happy, really happy, working with my hands. You tend to touch dough and everything more in baking."

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Don't Cook When You're In a Bad Mood

"There have been times when I was in the kitchen and I was so stressed and everything was falling apart and I just thought, 'I can’t cook right now,'" Carla explains. "I was [cooking] for a family in the Bahamas and the woman [and my energies] just [weren't] jiving. I remember standing over this pot of soup and I didn’t know what to do. I had the equivalent of writer's block."

"She ended up going out of town and left me there [to cook for her husband]. As soon as she left, it was like somebody blew air into me like a balloon and everything came back."

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Keep Something In Your Kitchen to Make You Happy

"I have a picture of my granny. The other day I was like, 'Where is granny? Where is granny?' It is missing from where it usually is," says Carla. She also has some other items from her grandmother's dining room, including a tall vase.

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The Chew's Carla Hall is known for her positivity and vibrant personality, so we asked her how she stays so happy when cooking, even when things go wrong in the kitchen. From keeping something close to your heart in your kitchen to being open to what becomes of cooking mistakes, Carla shares her top tips for creating a happy kitchen.

Check out the slideshow above for seven foolproof ways to get happy in the kitchen.

If you love Carla, check out her new cookbook, Carla's Comfort Foods: Favorite Dishes from Around the World.

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