Can the Color of Your Mug Affect the Taste of Your Coffee?

Can the Color of Your Mug Affect the Taste of Your Coffee?

There are so many ways to enjoy a cup of coffee. We know that the taste can vary based on the type of bean, milk and sugar you mix into your cup of Joe, but the vessel in which the drink is consumed is not usually taken into consideration. However, new research published in the journal Flavour suggests that the color of the mug can actually affect the perception of how coffee tastes, and not always for the better.

At Monash University in Melborne, psychologist George Van Doorn conducted a study to observe whether the color of a coffee mug affected the taste of the drink. A barista had told him that customers thought their coffee tasted bitter when they were served the drink in a white mug.

The subjects of the experiment were asked to rate the coffee's intensity on a scale of zero to one hundred in terms of bitterness, sweetness, strength and aroma.

In the first experiment, the researchers served coffee to 18 subjects in blue mugs, clear mugs and white mugs. All the coffee was the same, but the subjects rated the coffee in the white mugs as the most intense.

In the second experiment, 36 volunteers drank cafe lattes from mugs that had identical shapes, but different colors. The participants generally agreed that the drink in the blue mug was sweeter than the one in the white mug.

Van Doorn encouraged baristas to take the results of his study into consideration, saying, "Café owners, baristas, as well as crockery manufacturers should carefully consider the colour of the mug and the potential effects that its colour may exert over the multisensory coffee drinking experience."

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