Busting Childhood Food Myths

Busting Childhood Food Myths
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Busting Childhood Food Myths

Read on to learn if those myths you bought into as a kid are actually true.

Is The 5 Second Rule Real?

Kind of. Scientists at the University of Illinois at Urnbana-Champaign conducted a study on the five second rule. They swabbed the floors of their lab and were to surprised to find few germs. They then placed cookies and candy on tiles with E. coli and found that germ transfer did occur in under five seconds. However, the scientists say that pathogens like salmonella, E. coli and listeria survive better on moist surfaces and didn't conduct any tests on those.

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Does Spinach Make You Stronger?

Popeye was right! Researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm discovered that the nitrate found in spinach did tone muscles!

Does Drinking Milk During A Cold Increase Phlegm?

According to the Mayo Clinic, milk does not increase the body's production of phlegm.

Do You Have To Wait An Hour After Lunch To Swim?

Swimming after eating is actually fine. It might not be the most comfortable swimming experience, but it is generally safe. However, swimming after consuming alcohol can be dangerous.

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Is Double Dipping Bad?

Ted Allen of Food Detectives tested the bacteria levels in a bowl of double dipped dip. He found that double dipping just once transferred as many as 10,000 bacteria from mouth to food.

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Is It Unsafe To Eat Raw Cookie Dough?

It's a safer bet to eat baked cookies. A recent outbreak of E. coli was traced back to pre-made raw cookie dough.

Can A Scare Cure The Hiccups?

If it were only that easy! There isn't any scientific evidence showing that fright causes hiccups to stop.

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Does Swallowed Gum Really Stay In Your Stomach For Seven Years?

False. The digestive system breaks down everything in a matter of hours or sometimes days. It would never take the body years to digest anything.

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Does Coffee Stunt Your Growth?

According to Joy Bauer, a nutritionist, this myth began when people believed that caffeine could potentially lead to bone loss, but apparently the research behind that study only examined subjects with already low calcium intakes. Even if caffeine does interfere with the absorption of calcium, it does so only slightly. Just adding milk will offset that effect. However, coffee consumption should be limited in children for a variety of other reasons like stomach aches and insomnia.

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Certain food sayings are almost universally taught to children -- things like not to double dip food, not to eat right before swimming and not to eat raw cookie dough. Beliefs like the "five second rule" are even picked up by adults! But are these true? Is it possible that it is really okay to eat raw cookie dough?

Check out the slideshow above to learn which classic childhood myths are true and which are false.

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