Burger King Brings Back Yumbo Sandwich After 40 Years

Burger King Brings Back Yumbo Sandwich After 40 Years

Back when the Burger King menu wasn't filled with Triple Whoppers and Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburgers, they sold a ham-and-cheese sandwich—and Burger King is putting that sandwich back on the menu after a 40-year hiatus. It was last available in 1974! Like when it debuted in 1968, the Yumbo is still a hot ham-and-cheese sandwich, only this time the chain decided to include a few additions.

The sandwich was a huge hit when it was originally on the menu decades ago. Its popularity is made apparent by the fact that someone is actually selling an old Yumbo sign on eBay! Burger King is hoping the return of the sandwich will spark nostalgia in people who loved it back in the day. Even the Burger King Facebook page is taking a trip back in time to honor the return of the sandwich.

Watch the video above to learn more about the return of Burger King's Yumbo Sandwich. Then, check out the slideshow below for more vintage photos of the menu item!