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Bobbie Greenfield, founder of Beverly Hills Brownie Company dishes on how to get perfectly fudgy brownies.

Check the Sugar to Flour Ratio

"If you really want a chewy brownie, start with recipes in which the ratio of sugar to flour is significantly high," offers Greenfield. "Cake, for example has a lot of flour." This is what will make a brownie moist.

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Mix Just Enough... and No More

"Mix everything enough to get it incorporated and stop," Greenfield advises. "The less you mix it the better, [as] the batter dries out if you mix it too much."

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Use Your Microwave

The traditional way to mix butter with chocolate chips is to do it in a glass bowl over boiling water. While this works well, it is make the process very slow. You can do it in the microwave instead (just be sure you have the timing right as it is hard to tell if chocolate is burnt because of its naturally brown hue).

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Change Your Toothpick Test

"When you do a toothpick test, most will tell you to have some crumbs on the toothpick," explains Greenfield. "I look for something that has a few crumbs and a lot of batter because they still cook in the pan when you take them out of the oven. The toothpick test can be a little misleading."

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Buy Brownie Mix

Greenfield supports the use of brownie mixes from the store. They are especially great when you mix in your own favorite ingredients such as dried cherries or walnuts. But be sure to adjust the baking time. "The more stuff you mix in with it, the less batter and the less baking time you will need."

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Freeze Your Brownies

"Brownies freeze beautifully," says Greenfield. Just let the brownies cool, put them in plastic bags and throw them in the freezer.


Bobbie Greenfield, founder of Beverly Hills Brownie Company dishes on how to get perfectly fudgy brownies.

Like many bake shop owners, Bobbie Greenfield opened Beverly Hills Brownie Company as a second career, one born out of the recent economic recession. Greenfield had been running a marketing and consulting firm until the financial crash. "By day I was trying to somehow resuscitate my very successful consulting firm that I'd been at for 15 years, and by night I was back in the kitchen because it was what I thought would make me feel good," explains Greenfield.

After she closed her firm, her feel-good hobby transformed into something more. "I pulled out a recipe from my grandmother (that eventually became our Simply Classic brownie) and I just started spending more and more time at night in the kitchen," she explains. "One thing led to another and another, and I started creating different variations of the brownie. One day, truly out of the blue, the idea for the whole thing came to me."

Today, Beverly Hills Brownie Company boasts 22 brownie flavors (with a new one in the works) and utilizes Greenfield's marketing mind to make every bite perfection. Not only did the company engineer innovative (and for now, exclusive) pans that make each of their brownies have an edge on each side and a chewy center, but every detail down to the frosting enhances the eating experience. For brownies like their famed red velvet variety, Greenfield "wanted it to be a taste combination where you got frosting in every bite, but the frosting didn't overpower [the brownie]." Instead of coating the top in frosting, she settled on a swirly five petal flower design to hit all the edges and corners.

That red velvet brownie with the five-petal cream cheese butter cream frosting swirl got the attention of one culinary superstar: Bobby Flay. While he was doing a book signing near the bake shop, Greenfield swung by with an assortment of brownies. Flay dropped everything, focused on in her red velvet cupcake and said, "you did a red velvet brownie? That is really tough." Greenfield agreed, as it had taken her 241 batches to get it right. He bit in and said to a packed store, "this is good!"

"People smile when they eat a brownie," says Greenfield. "I watch it everyday. It is really a great feeling."

To learn more about Greenfield and pick up some of her brownie-making secrets, Check out the slideshow above.

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