Breakfast Foods That Will Boost Your Energy All Day

As much as we all aspire to have a smooth, productive morning, for many of us, the likelihood of this actually happening is rather slim. There are so many obstacles to beginning the day successfully.

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First, there's waking up — groan. We'd like to believe that we'll rise refreshed and full of vigor, but, unfortunately, that "good night's sleep" was probably not nearly good enough. Next, getting ready causes another hiccup: No matter how well we plan our outfits or fine-tune our routines, something gets in the way. Then, there's breakfast; dreaded, time-consuming breakfast.

Breakfast may just be the most important meal of the day. It's the perfect opportunity to start your day on the right foot, but you must choose wisely. Sure, many of us would rather reach for that iced doughnut with sprinkles, that greasy breakfast sandwich with mystery meat, or even the sugary mocha Frappuccino with an extra shot, but the ease of these options is far greater than their health benefits.Maybe change to just "We'd be better off whipping up some overnight oats or a protein-rich omelette.

If we are, indeed, what we eat, there are specific foods that we can consume to boost and enhance our energy. Experts have plenty to say about that first meal of the day. Read on to find out why high-fiber cereals provide long-lasting energy and how Greek yogurt qualifies as a healthful breakfast option.

Waking up doesn't have to be a drag when you know there is an arsenal of easy, healthful, and energy-boosting breakfast options out there. Learn about which foods to eat to optimize breakfast and give yourself the little boost you were looking for.

Check out the slideshow above to discover breakfast foods that will boost your energy all day.

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