Bravo's Eat, Drink, Love: A New Foodie Favorite

Bravo's Eat, Drink, Love: A New Foodie Favorite
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Bravo's Eat, Drink, Love: A New Foodie Favorite

Learn how pastry chef Waylynn Lucas of Bravo's Eat, Drink, Love stays in shape and the one food she could eat for the rest of her life.

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How did Fonuts come about?

"Fonuts came about through a friend of mine who was gluten-intolerant and loved baked goods," explains Lucas. Her friend came up with a gluten-free banana bread recipe and decided to make it in donut molds so she could sell it in smaller quantities at a farmer's market. In two hours, she was nearly sold out.

"She was calling them 'fonuts' and I thought this was absolutely the most fun and brilliant idea because you feel like you are eating a donut but without all the guilt," Lucas says. With this epiphany, Lucas quit her job at the time and opened Fonuts with her friend just six months later.

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How did you come up with your innovative flavors?

On the menu at Fonuts you will see items like vanilla latte, maple bacon, chorizo cheddar and blueberry earl grey. "I always find that if you take something comfortable that people know and love like bacon or olive oil but then introduce it in a way that may be a little more new and exotic to them, it helps them wrap their mind around it a little bit easier," Lucas explains.

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What do you think of the Cronut?

"I haven’t tried one," admits Lucas. "But I do have to say that anytime you can take something that people love and introduce it in a fun new way that gets people excited, I’m 100 percent on board."

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How can you make sweets healthier?

"You would be amazed with how much you can actually cut the sugar," assures Lucas. Sometimes you can really even cut the sugar in half!

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What baking tool is a must-have?

"A Kitchen Aid mixer is my obsession," says Lucas. "I feel like I hug it every time I walk by it in my kitchen. It can do so much for the home cook. They can buy the ice cream bowl attachment and the pasta attachment, and it really gives you room to get fun, professional quality stuff for home."

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How can you make desserts look better?

When frosting something, "I always tell people to copy something," advises Lucas. "Look on the Internet at pictures and try to follow."

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How do you stay in shape when you are surrounded by dessert all day?

"I think it's like anything in life: moderation and balance," says Lucas. "The funny thing is I don’t really have a sweet tooth, because I have to taste everything so much. I go running for anything light and healthy and salty to balance [it out], so I think that naturally keeps it going."

"It is the funniest misunderstanding that people think that chefs eat so great because of what we do, but we actually have the worst eating habits since we are always on our feet so we rarely eat and we work off all the calories we do because we are always running around and sweating in a kitchen like crazy people."

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If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

"Pizza is my biggest weakness," admits Lucas. "There are two places in L.A. that make me so happy and make me feel like everything is right in the world when im eating their pizza. Mozza and Stella Barra. It is mind blowing. They are such gifted chefs to be able to make such amazing pizza."

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When Bravo's latest culinary reality show, Eat, Drink, Love debuts this Sunday (8/9c), one of its stars, Waylynn Lucas (pictured above, far left), will be watching at a small gathering of friends and family, and naturally surrounding by amazing food and drinks.

In the show, Bravo pairs up Lucas, a pastry chef and owner of L.A.'s Fonuts, with four other women from various sectors of the L.A. food industry. Together they navigate the male-dominated industry, dating and day-to-day life.

When she first heard about it, Lucas was thrilled with the concept for the show. "I just love the fun idea and spin of it being about women in the food industry and combining the fact that we are all young and single," she explains. "I've always been so passionate about women being in our industry, no matter what end you are in on it. It seemed like a very interesting way to make the world more aware."

Interestingly, being in close quarters with so many women during filming was also the hardest part of her role on the show. "I am a chef and there aren't too many other female chefs, so I'm pretty used to being surrounded by crap-talking, sweaty men in a kitchen all day," Lucas says. "I was definitely not used to spending so much time with women, so that was definitely a big blow and a big adjustment for me.I think regardless you get people together on a frequent basis mixing and mingling you are always going to have differences in way shape or form."

We cannot wait to see what drama unfolds on the show! To learn how Lucas stays in shape and the one food she could eat for the rest of her life (hint: it's not pastries!), Check out the slideshow above.

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