The Best Super Bowl Beers

The Best Super Bowl Beers

By James Oliver Cury

Super Bowl Sunday is a great day for beer drinkers. There's no denying that the grub's tasty: There's food you can throw on the grill (sausage, burgers), gnaw on mindlessly (sandwiches, wings), dip into (salsa, guacamole), or make in big batches (ribs, chili). But let's face it: If ever there was a day when suds are sacred, it's game day, and nothing's bigger than Super Bowl Sunday. Beer—more than the athleticism or camaraderie—may be the true draw for family and friends, but that doesn't mean it's the time to host elaborate brew tastings or introduce your chums to that strawberry lambic beer you're currently obsessed with.

As with football itself, there are some unwritten rules—or there were, until now. First, aim to please a crowd, so stick to familiar flavors. That means nothing overly sweet or sour. Second, serve brews that will complement, not overwhelm, your dishes. Third, since the game lasts many hours, pace the food and the boozing. Avoid high-alcohol beers—you don't want the lightweights to fall asleep...or worse. And finally, offer some sort of variety so there's something for everyone.

Check out the slideshow above for the best beers to pair with classic Super Bowl dishes.

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