The Best Foods to Eat For Healthy Hair

The Best Foods to Eat For Healthy Hair
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Have you ever watched an ad for shampoo on TV? I mean, really watched it? The beautiful hair on the models is often long, silky and to the average woman, perfect. Women want that hair. So as wishful thinkers, we buy these advertised products, thinking that our hair will see the same results simply due to the hair product. But it's not that easy. The commercials fail to put a little disclaimer about the fact that—in addition to good genes—the diet of the models as a whole also has a lot to do with that great hair.

The fact is, model-status hair takes more than a few squirts of conditioner and styling cream. Before splurging on hair products, consider the impact of eating nutritious foods that protect and nourish the roots of your oh-so-beautiful locks. Just like every other cell in our body, smooth and radiant hair cuticles are fed by the food from our forks. So get ready to really let your hair down when you start consuming my four foods for a fabulous mane.

Want to see what foods help to create the healthiest hair? Check out our slideshow above!

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