The Best Foods to Cure Holiday Hangovers

The Best Foods to Cure Holiday Hangovers

'Tis the season of holiday party after holiday party, and if you're feeling awful the morning after bonding with co-workers or exchanging gifts with friends over a few too many glasses of champagne, you'll probably want to fill up on some specific foods to cure that hangover.

First of all, don't skip breakfast! You may be feeling too horrible to even think about eating, but eggs can really help you recover the morning after a night of drinking. They're rich in amino acids, which can help break down toxins from alcohol—and they aren't the only food that can help!

Bananas are loaded with potassium and can help reduce muscle aches you experience, while ginger helps reduce nausea and bloating. These are both great options for adding to a smoothie if you can't stomach solid food.

You may be tempted by a Bloody Mary to try to cure that hangover, but that's probably not the answer. However, tomato juice does give you enough simple sugars to get your energy back up, and will help you rehydrate, so a glass of it on its own isn't a bad idea.

If you can stomach vegetables, you may want to cook up some asparagus. Its compounds help break down alcohol and get rid of toxins, to help you feel better.

Watch the video above to learn which foods you should eat to cure your holiday hangover!