The Best Foods and Tips for a Flat Belly and Abs

The Best Foods and Tips for a Flat Belly and Abs

Many people want to lose excess weight around their mid-section. Exercise is a great way to start, but diet is also hugely important to losing that belly fat.

Sugar and processed carbs are the culprits behind a lot of weight gain. Trade in those processed foods for healthy dishes like salmon. Lean proteins like salmon and tuna can boost your metabolism. (Plus, they're delicious!) For a snack, be sure to grab a handful of almonds. Since they are filled with proteins and healthy fats, almonds will help to keep you fuller longer so that you're not tempted to snack on unhealthy foods. Try not to skip meals either. Skipping meals causes your metabolism to slow down.

People tend to forget one of the most essential and simplest aspects to being healthy: Water. Staying hydrated not only keeps you fuller, but it also helps to prevent excess bloating. On the other hand, it's a good idea to stop drinking alcohol when dieting since drinking tends to make you hungrier. Alcohol also lowers inhibitions, which could make you less inclined to stick with your diet and overeat instead.

It seems logical that, in order to improve your abs, you do sit-ups; however, it's full-body exercises that will burn off that excess belly fat.

Watch the video above for the best foods and tips for a flat belly.

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