The Best Drinks to Fight the Flu

The Best Drinks to Fight the Flu
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As if the winter season wasn't enough to bum us out, this mutant flu virus that's spread through the country (and infected some of us Daily Meal staffers) has us even more down. How to beat this (inevitable) flu that's coming straight for us?

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As those who've had the flu know, there's only so much you can do at home to get over the illness: rest, lots of blankets and damp washcloths to combat raging fevers, and clear liquids. As your body needs to rehydrate from loss of fluids (we know, not something to think about), it's important to hydrate to recover. As resources from Brown University explain, you need to give your overworked stomach and intestines a break — and clear liquids give them the rest they need.

Some other tips from Brown University to help you rehydrate and get better faster:

• While you're in the throes of stomach problems, give your stomach rest from liquids for two hours after vomiting. You may suck on hard candy, a Popsicle, or ice chips after 2 hours. Then take small, frequent sips of liquids every 10 to 15 minutes.

• Drinking too much at once, even an ounce or two, may cause more vomiting — so don't rush it.

• If you are vomiting for a long period of time, try to drink something other than water to replenish the vitamins and nutrients you've lost.

• Avoid liquids that are acidic (such as orange juice) or caffeinated (such as coffee), or anything that has a lot of carbonation.

Check out our slideshow above to find out what drinks to keep stocked in the fridge this winter — after all, you never know if the flu will get you, too. (And try these drinks if you have a cold — or better yet, make a resolution to start eating healthy, immune-boosting foods this year.)

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