Ben & Jerry's to Release Cannoli-flavored Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry's to Release Cannoli-flavored Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry's is known for its out-of-this-world ice cream flavors. Although all of its experiments haven't been successful, it hasn't stopped producing new, unexpected flavors. And according to ABC News Radio, Ben & Jerry's latest Limited Batch concoction is hitting shelves now: Cannoli.

Ben and Jerry's last cannoli flavor, Holy Cannoli, came out in 1997 but was withdrawn within a year after receiving mixed reviews about its pistachio flavor. The new twist on the Italian dessert will include cannoli pastry chunks covered in fudge and mascarpone swirls. Is your mouth watering yet?

The new flavor is available at major food and drug retailers, but don't expect to find it at Ben & Jerry's stores. And don't expect to find it for long. Once the new flavor hits shelves in late September, it will only be available for three to four months before it is replaced by Ben & Jerry's next limited-edition recipe around January. So if you're a lover of cannoli, we suggest you act fast.

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Image Source: Ben & Jerry's Facebook