Baker Mark Israel of Doughnut Plant Finds Inspiration in Fresh Ingredients

Baker Mark Israel, behind New York City's Doughnut Plant, worked his first job as a busboy at Studio 54, where he found inspiration in the famed nightclub's constant innovation and dazzling display of creativity. "I know when I started the Doughnut Plant, I wanted that same excitement when you walk in the door," Israel shares, which explains why his doughnut store has a revolving door of flavors. "I want the customers when they come in the door to not know exactly what's going to be there."

Israel's unique approach of using high-quality ingredients like fresh fruits and roasted nuts in his donuts, which was practically unheard-of when he started his business 19 years ago, transformed the junk food staple into high art.

Check out the video playlist above to discover more details about baker Mark Israel's inspirational story.

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