Bake Like a Pro: Insider Secrets from the Girls Behind Georgetown Cupcake

Bake Like a Pro: Insider Secrets from the Girls Behind Georgetown Cupcake
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Bake Like a Pro: Insider Secrets from the Girls Behind Georgetown Cupcake

We asked sisters Katherine and Sophie, of Georgetown Cupcake and the TLC television show DC Cupcakes, for their secrets to baking delicious cupcakes. Read on to discover their eight essential tips to baking like a pro.

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1. Resist the temptation to over-mix your batter.

"When baking cakes or cupcakes, after you cream your butter and sugar, always mix on the lowest speed and for as little time as necessary – until the ingredients are just combined," shares Sophie. "Being 'gentle' with your batter will keep the air bubbles in your batter intact, and help make your crumb have a wonderful light and fluffy texture."

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2. Always err on the side of under-baking.

"Most desserts, especially cakes and cupcakes, will continue to bake in the pan, even after you’ve removed them from the oven – so it’s always best to take them out of the oven while they are slightly under-baked – that way, your desserts will be perfectly moist and not dry and over-baked," Katherine tells us.

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3. Make sure that all of your ingredients are at room temperature before you start.

Sophie says, "This will ensure that your dry ingredients are thoroughly mixed and interspersed in the batter – so that you will have a beautiful uniform crumb and texture."

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4. Use the best butter possible for your baking.

"We love Plugra European Style unsalted butter for our baking, and in our opinion, it’s the best butter out there," Katherine raves. "Butter, itself, has a taste, and when you use the best quality butter, you will notice a huge different in your desserts. Butter is the backbone of most dessert recipes and using the best butter will elevate your desserts to a whole new level."

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5. Never refrigerate your cakes or cupcakes!

"This is a huge faux pas!" warns Sophie. "Refrigerating baked goods actually speeds up the process by which the cake crumb dries out – so if you are storing your baked goods – always freeze them. Freezing them will halt the process by which the cake crumb dries out – locking your baked goods in time – and when you thaw them out – they will taste great!"

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6. Sift your dry ingredients.

"This is so critical!" stresses Katherine. "You need to sift your dry ingredients so that when they are mixed into the batter, they can be evenly incorporated into your batter – and the texture of your dessert will be light and airy. Always remember to sift."

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7. Cream your butter and sugar long enough.

"This step is so critical because the sugar crystals are cutting air pockets into the butter – and these air pockets are what are going to expand (with the help of your leavening agent) when you bake your cakes or cupcakes in the oven. Don’t rush this part; you can’t over-cream your butter and sugar," Sophie explains. "Be sure to cream them together for at least five minutes."

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8. Alternate your wet and dry ingredients in stages.

"Baking, especially cakes and cupcakes, is all about being gentle with your batter. If you dump in all of the flour at once, followed by all of your liquid ingredients, you are essentially collapsing all of the air you’ve just created in your batter when you creamed together your butter and sugar. It’s really important to take your time, and add your wet and dry ingredients in stages," Sophie shares. "We like to add them in thirds, alternating between wet and dry."

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If you've been lucky enough to try one of Georgetown Cupcake's delicious treats, you'll understand why the little cupcake bakery in Washington D.C. has grown into a nationwide love affair with new locations popping up in New York City, Boston and Los Angeles.

Georgetown Cupcake co-founders and sisters Katherine Kallinis Berman and Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne produce mouth-watering creations on their hit TLC show DC Cupcakes. With their light, fluffy texture and scrumptious flavors, these cupcakes may well be the real star of the show. We asked the duo for the secret, and they shared their eight essential tips to baking like a pro.

Check out the slideshow above to discover how to bake perfect cupcakes with these eight tricks.

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