Avoid These Foods and Drinks to Sleep Better

Avoid These Foods and Drinks to Sleep Better

Having trouble sleeping? Your diet could be the culprit. There are a few foods you should avoid to get that shuteye. If you are experiencing sleeplessness, try cutting out these items.

Tomato-based foods and spicy foods contain acids that can keep you up, leading to heartburn and feelings of discomfort that can keep you up while attempting to sleep. Try keeping these off your menu for dinner, and eat them for lunch instead.

Water is great to stay hydrated and help you lose weight, but when you drink too many fluids you just end up waking up to use the bathroom several times. These restroom runs interrupt your sleep cycle. Aim to stop drinking water about an hour and half before your bedtime.

It's well-known that coffee and caffeinated drinks can keep you up, but would you ever suspect chocolate? The sweet treat does have caffeine, which can keep your heart rate up at night. In fact, eating any high sugar food before bedtime is not a good idea because these treats can cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels and sleeplessness.

Beware of alcohol, which cuts into your REM sleep. If you must drink, try drinking one beverage about two hours before you plan to snooze.

Watch the video above to see which foods and drinks you should avoid to sleep better at night.