Avoid These 3 Foods When Dieting

Avoid These 3 Foods When Dieting

Losing weight is often about that ideal combination of diet and exercise. Choosing the right foods can be just as important as avoiding certain ones. So be sure to steer clear of the foods below.

High fructose corn syrup is one ingredient that you'll want to avoid. The sugary chemical finds its way into sodas, baked goods and even pasta sauces. High fructose corn syrup can cause your blood sugar levels to rise quickly, which will only leave you craving more sugar. Some studies have found the rising sugar levels can cause diabetes, heart disease and other health problems.

Yogurt can be a deceptive diet food. Flavored yogurts can contain lots of sugar, which can actually stimulate your appetite causing you to eat more. Yogurts can also contain modified corn starches, preservatives and artificial colors.

A smoothie seems like the ultimate diet food since it can be filled with so many fruits, but many store-bought smoothies are just filled with calories and sugar, and don't contain a lot of protein. Liquids also don't provide the same kind of satiety as conventional meals. Instead, make your own healthy smoothies at home and remember they are considered a meal, not a snack.

And don't forget that the words "fat free" and "sugar free" don't automatically mean "healthy."

Watch the video above to learn more about the three things to avoid when dieting.

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