And The Best Fast Food Breakfast Sandwich Is...

And The Best Fast Food Breakfast Sandwich Is...

Which sandwich is the breakfast champion? BuzzFeed had people taste test breakfast sandwiches from popular restaurant chains, and their favorite picks might surprise you!

Even self-proclaimed McMuffin devotees were fooled in this taste test that pitted the heavyweights in the breakfast sandwich world against each other, including offerings from McDonald's, Burger King, Dunkin' Donuts, Starbucks, Carl's Jr. and Jack in the Box. None of the participants were told where each sandwich came from, and a quick survey in the beginning revealed plenty of love for McDonald's and Jack in the Box.

Probably the best thing about this video is the hilarious and candid commentary about each sandwich, from the bun to meat ratio and the color of the sausage and cheese to how the bread feels when squeezed in your hands (one taste tester remarked how the Carl's Jr. biscuits "feel great"). According to the panel, Dunkin' Donuts croissants "are on point" and Starbucks sandwiches are praised for "good presentation." "Every bite I take is better than the last one," one taste tester says about the Burger King sandwich. "This tastes like America," describes another taste tester about McDonald's.

In the end, three breakfast sandwiches were selected as favorites by the six taste testers, but only one sandwich reigned supreme. Did your favorite breakfast sandwich emerge as the victor?

Watch the video above to find out which famous breakfast sandwich is the best.